Gold Mine Polymer Enterprise was incorporated in 2012. To start off with a brief introduction, our company has a group of expertise with vast experience in plastic, scrap, recycle resin and compound industry. We provide a wide range of service and product customization to our customers’ needs/requirement.


With our experience and expertise in more than a decade, we have successfully processed different types, shapes and sizes of post-industrial and consumer wastes into resins. With this expertise/skills, we have helped many petrochemical companies, resin manufacturers, plastic product manufacturers, waste management companies and many more well-known companies to solved their plastic wastes with good used. Thus, we have managed to build a very good reputation and faith from our reliable services and quality products.


Other than producing plastic resin, we do also provide services on giving solutions on how to maximize/minimize our customer’s storage space which in return we will help save on our customer’s transportation costs.


Our factories are equipped with a complete range of facilities to process up to 600 tons of resins per month. All our products go through a complete and stringent tests to ensure that the quality meets customers’ requirements. These tests are done by our QC Department which we use a full range of equipment and instruments in our laboratory. Besides, it is also possible for us to modify the recycled resins and enhance its physical or mechanical properties by adding required additives. In this aspect, our R&D Department will work closely with our customers to develop the required products. Some of the examples of the common plastic materials we process are PP, PE, PET, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, POM, PA, etc.


In short. We, at Gold Mine Polymer Enterprise uses various type of plastic wastes and convert it into resins which are then sold as raw materials to plastic manufacturers. We ensure that the wastes are being properly treated in an environmentally and friendly manner for all parties involved.